To test the technology, performance and operational characteristics of the new LaserBond®HAMMER we established an independent site trial against standard high-performance hammers from some of the world’s leading drilling equipment suppliers.

The Trial

Xtega Trial Report Cover

Managed by Brisbane-based independent mining consultancy Xtega Pty Ltd, the trial saw LaserBond hammers and hammers from four global suppliers rotated through four new Atlas Copco D65 rigs working in an operating hard-rock metalliferous mine which was selected due to highly abrasive mineral species abundant in host rock. (Indicated rock strength 90 – 200 MPa.)

Under the conditions of the trial, the drilling contractor was under sole control of Xtega, a skilled drilling supervisor was engaged to control the site operations and the operators were rotated through each of the rigs. All results were documented by the operators and recorded.

Identical Atlas Copco D65 drilling rigs, positioned literally side-by-side, worked the same bench. All hammers were running within manufacturers specifications and comparable hammers and new bits were changed-out at the same time.

The Results

The result of the trial make impressive reading.


The LaserBond®HAMMER “increased the average life by a factor of approximately 3.05 times” compared to major brand “high performance” DTH hammers.

Cost Saving:

The LaserBond®HAMMER saves 60% on direct hammer cost, which delivers “a reduction in the cost of the drilling function in the order of 7.5%”*. This is a significant number in today’s mining economics and reflects the overall benefit of increased component wear life on cost of drilling.

*(Excludes additional gains from WHS savings and Pen-rate.)

Significantly Increased Penetration Rates:

The LaserBond®HAMMER combines simple, powerful mechanical components that hit harder and faster – and last longer.

Physical and Statistical analysis:

An analysis of ‘paired hammers’ proved gains are from the LaserBond technology.

Hammer B v Hammer A

Comparison of Standard & LaserBond Hammers at 3,500m

Start Size: 97.8 v 97.7mm At 3,500m: 92.4 (-5.4mm) v 97.4 (-0.3mm)

Hammer D v Hammer C

Comparison Of Wear Between Standard & LaserBond Hammers at 3,500m

Start Size: 97.8 v 97.5mm At 3,500 m: 90.3 (-7.5mm) v 97.3 (-0.2mm)

Hammer F v Hammer E

Comparison Of Wear Between Hammer F & Hammer E at 3,500m

Start Size:  100.1 v 100.08 mm.         At 3,500 m: 91.7 (-8.4 mm) v 99.6 (-0.4mm)      

Comparison at 3,500m; 1/10th of Wear Rate

All trial hammers exhibit graphic differences in wear rates and patterns of wear.

LaserBond®HAMMERMarket leading competitorComparison at Failure
Almost No Wear Worn out 3.05 times life

Test hammer D:

LaserBond surface engineered DTH Hammer.  Achieved 11,459 metres before internal mechanical failure.

 Hammer D LaserBond surface engineered DTH Hammer & Wear Failure at 11,459m

Worn 6.3mm Worn 6.2mm Worn 15.6mm
  • Withdrawn from service when the barrel diameter limit was exceeded (barrel wear >6mm).
  • Drive chucks lasted just 1800 metres.

Test hammer C:

Best performed of the hammers from well known global brand manufacturers.  Wear failure at 3,651 metres.

Hammer C Best Performing Standard Hammer With Wear Failure at 3,651m

Worn 1.5mm Worn 0.8mm Worn 11.4mm
  • Achieved 11,459 metres - some 3 times longer operational life than test Hammer D
  • Ultimately withdrawn from service due to mechanical failure of internal guide ring.
  • Drive chucks lasted over 7,000 metres, (changed for spline wear)


The Xtega report concluded …

“there is an irrefutable decrease in the rate of abrasive wear which results in an increase in the life of the LaserBond hammer.” The LaserBond technology had “increased the average life by a factor of approximately 3.05 times.”

But an increase in operational life is just one of the benefits delivered by the LaserBond DTH hammers. Other benefits include improved mechanical availability, improved efficiency, higher impact and penetration rates, improved site and operator safety and less downtime for change-outs - along with the significant down stream cost savings these benefits deliver.


Need more evidence of LaserBond’s game changing technology?

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