LaserBond Heat treatment in Adelaide, SA and Sydney, NSW

We owe much to inventions such as the open-hearth furnace and the Bessemer process to remove the impurities from molten pig iron and transform it into versatile steel. Once an object is manufactured with this strong and sturdy more.

Benefits of Vacuum Heat Treatment for Stainless Steel Heat Treating in Sydney

If you manufacture parts, equipment or machinery for capital-intensive industries (those who rely on their machinery to do their job), you need to assure them your products are durable, easily repairable and extra reliable. more.

Protect Your Equipment with Stainless Steel Vacuum Heat Treatments

In industrial settings, the machines and production lines are critical to operations. No matter the specific items that you’re producing at any given point, you rely on your machines to do their jobs consistently and reliably. more.

Expand the Lifespan of Valuable Equipment with the Help of Laser Cladding Companies in Sydney, NSW or Adelaide, SA

When it comes to your company’s equipment and machinery, your goal is a complex one: to maximise wear life, performance and productivity of capital-intensive equipment while also minimising downtime and maintenance cost. How can you more.

High-Power LaserBond® Laser Cladding at Sydney, NSW and Adelaide, SA for High-Quality Surfaces

Do the metal parts in your machines wear out much too quickly to your liking? You keep a substantial stock of replacement parts, but the number of items constantly seems to dwindle, much more rapidly than it should. Machine more.

Laser Cladding Services Available in Adelaide, NSW, Sydney and SA Through LaserBond

Unfortunately, metal parts do not last forever, and if they are used constantly, it may seem as though their lifespan is limited. Replacing machinery can cause a headache for any owner. Over and above the physical annoyance, the price tag more.

The Benefits of Laser Cladding Services and How to Find the Best Companies for the Job

In capital heavy industries, such as mining, utilities, automotive, industrial and aviation, it’s crucial to keep machinery in full working order. When your equipment breaks down, core business processes cease, and the resulting lost more.

LaserBond Provides Laser Hard Facing in NSW, Sydney, SA, and Adelaide

Are you concerned about the wear and tear on your machine parts? Are you looking for a way to expand their lifespan? If so, you should consider laser hard facing. Laser hard facing in NSW is a practice that puts the highly trained more.

What Remanufacturing Can Do for You: Discover Benefits from Adelaide to Sydney to SA to NSW

Have you ever considered investing in remanufacturing? At LaserBond, our remanufacturing service takes your used or worn surface engineered parts and restores them to their original performance with a result that is equivalent to more.

Protective Thermal Spray Now Available in NSW, Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne

At LaserBond, we have been providing specialist surface engineering services since 1992. During that time, we have found our passion in the advancement and optimal utilisation of materials and technologies to increase operating more.