Plant & Machinery

6.2 Laserclad Concrete Slipform Auger is 25% More Productive > read more

Concrete slip forming machines allow the continuous in-situ pouring of concrete structures. Typical applications include kerbing and roadside barriers. An important part of the machines is the feed auger, which continuously elevates the wet concrete into the mould.

Slip form machine augers with conventional hard facing could be expected to last roughly 400 hours, transferring approximately 1000 cubic meters of concrete. In contrast with this, a LaserBond® clad auger has lasted over 3,000 hours.

A significant productivity gain of 8 times longer life, less downtime and reduced labour costs has contributed to significantly increased profitability.

6.1 Remanufactured Rotary Screw Compressor with Extended Life Surfaces > read more

A rotary screw compressor is a type of gas compressor that uses a rotary type positive displacement mechanism in a continuous sweeping motion of close fitting rotors. Efficient operation relies on maintaining close clearances between tips of screws and also bearing journals.

Wear accelerates in mining and drilling conditions where air filtering is a challenge. Reliable compressed air supply is a prerequisite for efficient operations.

Using laser cladding technology, advanced metallurgy and precision machining means worn-out and damaged rotors can be remanufactured to better than new.