Since its establishment in 1992 (initially as HVOF Australia Pty Ltd), LaserBond has pioneered the research, development and implementation of advanced surface-engineering techniques to dramatically reduce the wear rates, maintenance and operating costs of production-vital components of industrial customers.

A dedication to research and commitment to the implementation of leading edge technologies has seen LaserBond acknowledged as a national and international leader in surface engineering and wear part protection that extends equipment and component operating life.

Our core DNA lies in three closely related areas of expertise;

  1. Tribology of Wear in Machine Components
  2. Developmment and Use of Advanced Cladding Materials
  3. Utilisation of a Range of Methodologies to Apply Coatings

Our DNA drives our Research and Development, which in turn underpins our three sales divisions; Services, Products and Technology.  

  • Services specialise in deploying our knowledge into the repair and reclamation of components and assemblies for a broad range of capital-intensive industries, often for critical applications that require optimised surface properties.
  • Products embeds our knowledge into specialised wear resisting components for strategic OEM partners.
  • Technology licences our knowledge via tailored cladding systems.

We currently operate from sites in Sydney and Adelaide.

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