Drill  Blast 2015

28-30 April 2015, Pullman Brisbane King George Square, Brisbane, Queensland.

LaserBond is an Associate Sponsor and Featured Speaker for Drill & Blast 2015. The conference this year is focused on developing innovative strategies to reduce activity cost, improve operational efficiencies, and ensure consistent productivity within the drill and blast industry.

Gregory Hooper, Executive Director of Research & Development, as a guest speaker will discuss the advances in metallurgy developed utilising our LaserBond® laser cladding technology reducing erosion and subsequent replacement of high cost consumables. The presentation will detail:

  • The Concept - Extending the life of Down-The-Hole (DTH) components through surface engineering.
  • The Data - Analysing comparative product trials and the dramatic difference the surface engineered components deliver to overall drill & blast economics.
  • The Results - Highlighting resultant cost savings, performance and environmental gains.
Greg's presentation will be on Day 2, Thursday 29th April 2015, at 9.50 am. We look forward to meeting and assisting drill & blast professionals to discover the new LaserBond DTH Hammers and associated consumables.





 DTH Hammer image - early version



Our laser cladding process, LaserBond®,  achieves a welded bond with limited and precisely controlled heat input. Our unique laser cladding process ensures heat sensitive components, such as hardened shafts, gears etc, can be repaired without risk of distortion or other undesirable heat effects.


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Thermal Spraying produces high performance surfaces with a mechanical bond. There is absolutely no risk of distortion or metallurgical changes to the component.

HP HVOF wear resistant surfaces typically provide more than 4 times the wear resistance of chrome plating, through-hardening and other hard facing techniques.

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A comprehensive range of modern large capacity CNC lathes, mills and borers, in addition to a variety of conventional manual lathes, mills and borers, cylindrical, surface and internal grinders etc.

These are used to manufacture new components (from one offs to large batches) in a wide range of sizes, weights and geometries.

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